How to get a FREE baby jogger stroller product testing
How to get a FREE baby jogger as a product tester

How to Get a Free Baby Stroller worth $330

free baby stroller product tester

Are you a low-income or unemployed mother? Here’s how to get an expensive baby stroller from a top brand for FREE!

Every big brand needs reviews of their products in order to get more sales. So in return for a review, they give you a free stroller.

It’s pretty simple to write a review about a baby stroller. However, not many moms know how and where to apply to be a product tester and get free baby products.

Currently (in July 2020), you can get the following baby joggers for free:

  • Free Graco Relay baby stroller.
  • Free Baby Trend EZ Ride Travel System.
  • Free Quinny Zapp Stroller.

Guess what? You can apply to get all 3 baby strollers for FREE!
And if you’re chosen as a product tester for all 3, well then, you can sell the other 2 on eBay if you need extra cash or gift them to a mom you know.

Get a Free Stroller!

What other Free Baby Products can Product Testers get?

Free baby car chair
Free baby car chair

You can also get the following free baby products and samples:

  • Free Graco baby car seat.
  • Free Graco baby playard.
  • Free Smilism baby monitor.
  • Fisherprice baby play station for free.
  • Free baby carriers from various top brands.
  • 4Moms Mamaroo baby bouncer for free.
  • Free Chelsea baby diaper bag.
  • Free baby box with baby samples worth $200! This includes free diapers, wipes, baby formula, and a baby bottle.

And while you’re at it, you can also apply to get these products for free:

  • Free household products including coffee machines, blenders, microwave ovens, and kitchenware.
  • Free electronics from top brands like Apple and Samsung.
  • And free makeup galore!

Join and Get Free Products!

How Hard is it to Become a Product Tester and Make a Review?

Not hard at all. Anyone can do it! You don’t need any special cameras, skills, or abilities.

You can either make a written a review

Take a look at these example product reviews by moms and dads who got free products from this website.
If you can manage to do something like this, you can also get a free product!

Join Now!

Example review by Ralph who got a free baby stroller:

Ralph baby jogger product tester review example

Product Tester Requirements

You can record either a short 1-3 minute video review or write a written review instead.
For either review, you’ll be required to make 1-4 pictures of the product you received.

Free Graco baby stroller joggerRequirements for a video review: 

  • You’ll need to make a video using either your phone, a webcam, or any camera.
  • If you’re camera shy, you can just film the product without showing yourself. Like in the above video examples.
    If you want to film yourself talking, you can use a webcam, your phone, or ask a friend to help you.
  • Video quality: Any phone camera is good enough. There is no minimum quality requirement, however, try to film in good lighting to ensure the product is clearly visible. If you’re filming indoors, open your curtains or turn on the lights. If you’re filming outdoors, place the product in the sun or infront of a clean wall where it is clearly defined.
  • Sound quality: No set requirement but try to speak loudly and clearly so people can hear you. Do your best to 

Requirements for a written review:

  • The ability to write in English in a way people can understand what you’re saying. You don’t need to have perfect English, however, it’s best to avoid too many spelling mistakes. 

How Many People Become Product Testers?

Lots! Every day, people are receiving free products to test and keep. Here are some examples of recent products moms and dads got for free from top brands.

Free baby products to test and keep
Free baby products to test and keep

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Want to get paid for your opinion on baby products you get?

After joining the above-mentioned product testing site, go here for a list of the best paid survey sites which pay moms for their opinions. (Some also give free test products to their members!) Join them to get free gift cards in return for your opinion.




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