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Legit FREE baby product samples every month
Legit FREE baby product samples for new moms

#1 Secret Trick How to Get FREE Baby Product Samples EVERY Month in 2019

Did you know that last year brands gave out thousands of free baby items and product samples to new moms?
In fact, Huggies donated $100 million worth of baby diapers!

Brands don’t advertise their free samples on their websites, so only those moms who are “in the know” hear about and get these free samples.

Because they have big marketing budgets and want more moms to use their products, brands give out free baby samples.

Totally free baby stuff samples moms often get include:

  • Packs of free baby diaper samples
  • Free baby bottles and nipples for bottles
  • Free baby pacifiers
  • Free baby toys and clothes
  • Free baby formula and baby food

How to get Free Baby Samples by Mail?

Free Baby Box Baby Stuff EveryDayFamily
Free Baby Box from EDF

There are several legit samples clubs which give out free baby products. We’ll list them all below.

Join EDF to get FREE baby stuff every month.
EDF is the most popular mommy community with over 2 million members. It’s completely FREE to join!

After joining, you’ll receive a box packed full of FREE baby items monthly.

Join and Get Freebies!


FREE Enfamil Baby Formula Samples Baby Food Stuff

Wait! It gets better…

When you join EDF as a new member, you’ll also get $400 worth of FREE gifts and baby formula from Enfamil, Similac, and Gerber!

And, EDF also runs daily free-to-enter giveaways with prizes from their sponsors. You can win free Gracco baby carriers, car chairs, strollers, and Pampers diapers for a year.

Get Free Baby Stuff!

More Ways to Get Baby Product Samples for Free

Good luck! We hope you get all the free baby items you need!



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