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Free baby diapers for a year giveaway

How to Get $750 worth of FREE Baby Diapers in 2019

Here are 3 little-known hacks how to get free Huggies diapers, Luvs, Seventh Generation and Pampers diapers.

Get Free Diapers for a Year from EDF

Free baby diapers for a year stockpile

Join the this popular mommy community for a chance to win FREE baby diapers for an entire year (worth $750).

You’ll also get a FREE baby box every month with baby samples from brands like Huggies, Pampers, Gerber and more!

AND you’ll get $400 of FREE gifts from Enfamil, Similac, and Gerber. Free baby formula samples, baby food, and big coupons.

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What free baby items will you receive each month?
Depending on their current sponsors, the free baby box from EDF could include free diapers, free baby onesies/baby clothes, free baby toys, free baby formula, a free baby bottle, and other necessary baby items.

Here are some examples of free baby products moms got:

How to get free baby samples for baby


Get a Box with FREE Baby Diaper Samples from Amazon!

Free Baby Stuff Baby Box Free Diapers
Free Amazon Baby Box

Create a free baby registry on Amazon to get a FREE box with free diaper samples, free baby wipes, baby clothes, free baby formula, baby toys, free pacifiers, and free baby bottles.

The free baby product samples vary depending on participating brands.
Some moms got free Luvs diapers, free Huggies diapers, a free Dr. Brown baby bottle sample, free Seventh Generation diapers and more.

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Free Giveaway: Pampers Baby Diapers for a Year!

Win Free Pampers diapers

Enter this free sweepstake to win Pampers diapers for a year.

Winning a year’s supply of diapers can save you $1,000!

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Get FREE Diapers from Baby Sample Clubs

free diaper samples for new momsThere are 5 popular, legit sample clubs for moms online.
It’s easy and free to join.
After you join, you can request free baby sample products from all the top brands.

Join these top baby sample clubs:

Get Huggies Diapers for a Year

Free huggies diaper samples in USA
Free Huggies diapers USA

Huggies donated millions of diapers last year to the NDBN (National Diaper Bank Network).

Low-income or unemployed moms can get free diapers for their babies.

Go here to complete a survey and find out if you qualify to get Huggies diapers.

Get Huggies!

Ask for Free Diapers from Local Charities

In some cities, there are diaper banks which collect diaper donations and distribute them to moms in their community.
Almost every state has at least one diaper bank.

However, although this is worth trying, it’s not a guaranteed way to get diapers since many moms need free diapers and there aren’t always many people who donate free diapers.

Ask for Free Baby Diapers from Local Churches

Some churches help moms by collecting donations of baby stuff other members of their parish don’t need. It’s worth trying.

Request Free Diaper Samples from Hospitals

Visit every children’s hospital, doctor, and pharmacy in your city and request free diaper samples. Often, they have a few diaper samples on hand which they can give you. After asking for diapers in every hospital, you could get a nice little diaper stockpile.


We hope this article helps you get all the baby diapers you need! Know of another resource for free baby stuff? Comment below!

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